Mexico City Tacos (With Tempeh)

I’m going to be honest about two things today.

One, the first time I dined at Real Food Daily, I thought it sucked.

And Two, one of my dining companions suffered from some serious flatulence.

When the first wave occurred, we had just finished eating. I winced a bit and sanguinely assumed it was some gross tourist.

The second gassing happened inside a vehicle with rolled up windows. I’m sorry ladies but one of you is the culprit and now my nose hairs lay on the carpet, as if severed by an acetylene torch.

Seriously, it was painful. As was the moment of silence that followed. Like a deceased spirit had passed through us all.

Thankfully, they had the common courtesy to avoid any fumitory incidents INSIDE the restaurant.

The women were all here for an extravagant, week- long fitness retreat. With what they were putting their bodies through, I guess I understand the stomach upsetness.

One of the women I had met in India last year and will be accompanying me to Israel in a few weeks so we can gorge ourselves on falafel and hummus and other gaseous foods!

Since my last visit to RFD, I’ve had some experience around vegan food (and had studied this menu extensively) so I knew exactly what to order.

Two of my companions, who seemed timid around the fake meat, ordered some pretty bland looking veggie dishes and didn’t seem too impressed.

My dish was clearly the best so I win, gals!

And my odiferous prize is vehicular suffocation.