Artichoke Ravioli

The Del Coronado Hotel is officially the bestest hotel ever. Period.

It’s a breathtaking Victorian beach resort (literally, right on the beach) that seems to never have been renovated (built in 1888), just maintained all these years.

What makes it special, is that there aren’t many wooden structures like this left. Many burned to the ground.

The Del (I can call it that, since we’re close) has a few amazing restaurants, an insane smelling candy shop, a great pool…

…and a dumb ghost.

The ghost of Kate Morgan, who killed herself shortly after the hotel was built, is famous.

Famous for being a royal pain the ass.

And thanks to my snapping a late night photo of her hotel room door, she followed me back to mine.

And kept turning on the lights throughout the night. And made several loud, unexplained noises on the patio, waking me up.

While the two above actions really happened and were kind of freaky, I’m only partially certain she FORCED me eat a TON of food this weekend.

A fiendish act I will never forgive her for.

The 1500 Ocean restaurant is a luxurious, ocean front experience (especially when you choose the tasting menu) which will fill your belly and empty your wallet.

It’s a beautiful balance.

I’m sure Kate would agree but she’s probably busy completely covering my bedroom floor with dirty clothes or filling my freezer with frozen pizzas and Hot Pockets.

That b*tch.

Ham Hock Terrine

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Duck Breast with Cherry and Beets

Some kind of Dessert

Cheese Plate