Chicken Alfredo with Broccolini

Making fresh pasta from scratch can be fun….

As long as it’s someone else that’s making it.

And making Alfredo sauce can also be a challenge.

Only because you know the things you’re dumping in the pan should NOT be going in your body.

Oh well! Who knew actively clogging your arteries can be so delicious!


A few years back I was quietly enjoying some television when my roommate came home and announced “Some old guy’s standing by your car, looks like he’s examining it.”

That’s all I needed to hear, I was out the door and to my BMW (which was parked on the street) in time to see an elderly Russian man holding my ENTIRE rear bumper in his hand!

“I was going around the corner.”


“I hit.”

Silence. Pause to attempt to force my bumper back on, manually.

“I give you $50 dollars to fix.”

“Uh, this is going to be a lot more expensive than that to. I’m gonna have to get your insurance info.”

“No, no insurance.”


“I give you $100 dollar.”

“Are you kidding me? It’s going to be over a thousand dollars to fix this!”

“No, no it won’t be that much. No insurance.”

“We HAVE to go through your insurance, if I take your $100, I’ll be screwing myself!”

The bill ended up being about $1100, like I had anticipated, and was thankful I wasn’t as dumb as he thought I was.

This man lives right across the street from me and I see him outside smoking every morning before work.

I think he’s forgotten who I am. *Teardrop*

I’m just waiting for the day his cranky ass hits my new car and has the good sense to not be caught at the scene of the crime!

Car Smasher Extraordinaire