Breakfast Pot Pie - Delicious Slop in a Sideways Crust

I have a new theory that if you wanna make it in the restaurant biz, JUST SERVE BIG ASS CRAZY PORTIONS!!

That and be known for a few odd dishes. Like sticking a rosemary tree in your meal.

It doesn’t even matter if the food is any good, if you serve a LOT of it, they’ll come a runnin’ (“Dude, they have the world’s biggest plate of lima beans, cheetos and organic compost, all covered in housemade feline gravy!”).

Pancakes the size of pioneer wagon wheels, check!

Portions of scrambled eggs that could fill mop buckets, done!

When you look around at everyone’s plates, it’s… it’s unsightly.

My leftovers provided two extra meals and that’s NOT including DAY 3’s leftovers that had become too grotesque to keep.

Pot Pie Crust in the shape of Miss Piggy's upside down Easter Hat!

The wait in line, which I read could go up to 1.5 hours, was only 10 minutes. Thanks to my good sense to set the alarm in order to arrive as the first employee had shown up (to dump wheelbarrel’s full of leftovers on the parking lot pavement for San Diego’s homeless….I’m joking.)

Hash House, who’s food was actually really tasty, is easily the most popular restaurant in San Diego. Thanks to it’s appearance on the tv show, Man Vs. Food.

Here, instead of taking your polaroid if you’re dumb enough to finish your meal, they have an EMT on speed dial.

This is AFTER I couldn't take one more bite. Appetizing, eh?