Cheesy Potatoey Meatloafy Madness! Colored items on plate are solely garnish

If you like processed American cheese, you’re gonna love the Brighton Coffee Shop.


I’m shocked they left the tomatoes bare, actually.

Now, I know I’ve been hitting the meatloaf hard lately. Please, don’t judge. This is why I focused my picture on the baked potato wing of the plate.

I haven’t eaten a proper baked potato in probably 5 years. Having been stuck with them my entire life thus far, I decided to conquer slightly more exotic foods upon moving to LA.

The Brighton Coffee Shop isn’t much. Basic diner fare in an old, tiny coffee shop located right off of upscale Rodeo Drive.

Who knew the Beverly Hills city council even allowed processed cheese in their gold plated city? It’s common knowledge they won’t allow a McDonalds.

Diablo and I sat and rolled our eyes at the wealthy tween brats sitting next to us as they made an appointment to get their makeup done before tonight’s concert.

Or the duo of megalomaniac talent agents in their skinny suits (similar to skinny jeans) walking by, talking three decibels too high about their annoying clients.

Or the Beverly Hills housewife in pink track suit accompanied by unnecessary heels (looks 20 from behind and recently exhumed from the front) walking dogs as tiny as her eyes, post-surgery.

You know, Beverly Hills is kind of like American Cheese, completely processed…

Harsh assessment, perhaps?

Uh..welcome to Bun Boy!

Today, I was simply enjoying my meal while passing judgment on every single person passing by.

It’s called Thursday Afternoon, people!