Leaning Tower of Burga!

I’ve often spouted my ramblings on stupid drivers but today’s discussion focuses on two imaginative ways of combating the idiocy that constantly surrounds us on the roads.

There are two items that should, in a perfect world, be situated conveniently in our vehicles at all times.

1. Carton of Eggs (raw, not hard boiled): When someone cuts you off, is violently texting or is applying makeup whilst shaving their child in the backseat, a simple egg tossed swiftly at their rear windshield will send the perfect message. A nice, juicy splat and all your rage goes out the window (and onto theirs). It’s a sensible, safer alternative to keeping something sawed off in the glove compartment. Yet, still relays a solid warning (solid, til the delicious crack of egg shell) that these terrible drivers don’t have to die after all.

2. Dry Erase Board: For letting someone know just how hilarious their “My Other Car is a Broom” bumper sticker is or if they may be uninformed that one of their children is physically hideous. Or when that woman (ALWAYS a woman) creeping her Jetta out into the middle of the road with her hand thrust out the window (apparently this hand has the super human strength to halt traffic) so you will let her in (as if her car now fully blocking you has left you any choice). Just jot down a few friendly words, explaining what you really meant when you flipped her off and honked like a lunatic.

In the future, we won’t have to worry about something as petty as road rage (or vehicular bullying, to be PC). For eventually our cars will have an auto pilot setting and the idea of enjoying a cocktail on our way home from a hard day’s work won’t just be an episode of Mad Men.


The Wood is a fairly innocuous spot situated in the depths of Culver City (not the fun section of Culver Blvd). It’s super casual, with friendly service but a pretty random menu. The vegan lasagna is printed right above the bacon cheeseburger!

Great fries which appear to have been thrice-fried but the giganta-burger requires silverware, which I’m not really into.

Would recommend only if you can walk here from your home or that of your bootie call.

It wasn't me, I promise.