Bacon Wrapped Matzo Balls

My dinner at The Gorbals was another epic foodie night. Epic enough for me to shut up and let the food pictures speak for themselves.

We started out at this really cool rooftop bar called Perch for vintage French cocktails and then meandered to the lobby of the old Alexandria Hotel where the restaurant was located.

The decor was 20’s speakeasy, the food was Scottish Jewish and thanks to Captain’s 30% off coupon, we ate practically everything on the menu for only $30 bucks each!

Love, love, love this place! Highly recomended.

Let me beat you to the punch and inform you that yes, I realize the items pictured above look like testicles. Delicious ones, at that.

A 'Marie Antoinette', cognac, cherry liqueur, jalapenos

Incredible view from the rooftop lounge, Perch

The Gorbals Entrance in the old Alexandria Hotel

Broccoli, Soy, Chilies & Vinegar

Cucumber, Garbanzos, sesame, pimenton

Latkes, smoked applesauce

Bahn Mi Poutine (Vietnamese Canadian French Fries)

Aged Chain Steak & Parsley Salsa

Roasted Marrow, oyster mushrooms, walnuts, malt vinegar

Popcorn Gizzards, sriracha mayo

Welsh Rarebit, Fried Egg

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Mint Ice Cream