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  • October 30, 2011 8:41 pm

Their semi-famous (and delicious) Sweet Potato Mash

Like a celebrity who’s recovering from a facelift, Cafe Verona is completely hidden from the public eye.

Unless you were getting your oil changed at the Jiffy Lube next door, you’d never see this cute, Ivy-entrenched, mostly outdoor Italian cafe.

While sipping your cappuccino to the sound of tires being rotated may not be your thing, you feel more like you are in someone’s enclosed backyard.

Perhaps, someone with not a lot of money, who’s thrown a bunch of crap into the ivy wall enclosure throughout the years and just left it.

No koi swimming in the little water fountain pond thingy, but perhaps a dolls’s head or rusted wrench?

However, there’s something very warm and comforting about the hodge podge nature of the restaurant, as the service is friendly and the food is excellent. I could just drink that sweet potato mash.

I will definitely be back.

It’s like being invited to someone’s home in Italy.

Someone who needed to borrow 40 Euro to turn the power back on.

PS, I’m totally exaggerating what this place looks like, I think I’ve mixed up my review of Jiffy Lube in here!

TANZORE – Happy Diwali

  • October 28, 2011 8:16 am

Fruit Tart, yes. Indian, not so much.

If you’re asking why I featured a picture of a fruit tart instead of the actual Indian dishes…well…see how great it looks!

And stop asking so many questions.

Diwali, festival of lights, is like the Indian Christmas.

They celebrate for five days and gifts are exchanged.

The Indian Santa must be frightening to young children as this elephant-headed god with 8 arms comes crawling out from the fire place!

I have to admit, I was a bit annoyed upon my arrival at Tanzore.

The website had promised a Diwali celebration with Bollywood dancers and Henna tattoo artists, starting at 6:00.

Since we had a concert downtown, we had to choose that geriatric hour in which to dine, and were very disappointed to find out the dancers wouldn’t be going on until 8:30.

In fact, there were only about 5 other people in the restaurant, it was quite the subdued fiesta.

And not once were we given any gifts.

Idiotic complaints aside, I’ve been to Tanzore before and love it.

Fantastic food in a gorgeous, ultra-modern setting and the wait staff are so nice, you wonder what the catch is!

This is LA. No one is that nice unless they want something from you.

Well, they want our money.

And I’m happy to give it to them.

Just give me my Bollywood dancers, dammit!

Appetizer Plate - Spinach Samosa Stix, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka

Spiced Vegetable Jalfrezi

Tandoori Sea Bass

Masala Lamb Chops

Gulab Jamun - Severed Indian Balls


  • October 26, 2011 10:55 pm

Zucchini Keftedes - Drained Yogurt, Pressed Zucchini Salad

SBE is Hollywood’s new mafia. They own restaurants, lounges and hotels. Pretty soon, the world. Soon, even hospitals will have a velvet rope and you’ll be able to get bottle service in your upgraded surgical-themed suite.

Cleo is one of SBE’s newest creations, mediterranean tapas.

Tapas, small plates, are a really smart invention.

For a few bucks less, the restaurant gets to serve a fraction of the portion.

Patrons think they’re getting a deal, so they begin to order everything on the menu.

Essentially, unless you are only two people, everyone basically gets one bite of everything.

Funny enough, you get really full really fast when you eat this way.

Staggered eating, lots of drinking, lots of people watching (namely, tables of groups of slutty girls downing enough champagne to start their night of sin) it’s an enjoyable evening.

With a few exceptions (the zucchini above was DRENCHED in vinegar) the food was very tasty and ample. We were all stuffed but forced ourseves to order the scallops (perhaps a smidgen underdone).

The falafel, pizza and brussels sprouts were incredible.

But the creative drinks were the highlight.

In essence, come here to get hammered and peruse the selection of sluts.

Grandma, I hope you know I’m kidding.

“I’m beginning to think Bryan is an alcoholic, Liz (my mother). I don’t think I’ll be recomended his blog to any more of my friends. Dreadfully embarassing!”

Fried Brussels Sprouts leaves: Capers, Parsley, Almonds, Red Wine Vinagrette

Egg Ravioli with marjoram and brown butter

Hummus and Babaganoush


Flatbread: Merguez Sausage, Caramelized Onions & Peppers, Smoked Mozzarella

Tuna Tartar: Oranges, Olives, Harissa, Avocado

Scallops: Lebaneh, Dill, Orange, Moroccan Dry Cured Olives



  • October 24, 2011 6:06 pm

Bi Bim Bop

I’ve wanted to know what the hell Bi Bim Bop was for ten years!

Now I know.

And I don’t like it.

At least not this version, containing unnecessary cold romaine lettuce and not enough meat.

Gushi (love the name) wasn’t easy to find, it’s located in a no man’s land section of West LA.

I fear some folks may have gotten lost permanently there…with only mediocre Korean food (and a hyper friendly waitress) to feed their hope of ever finding civilization.

But this weird dessert was damn good!

Deep Fried Green Tea Ice Cream

OK, WHILE I HAVE YOU: let me take a moment to make fun of my gym.

My gym, LA Fitness on Wilshire (across the street from LACMA), is where ghetto goes to die.

If you took away the people, it would appear more like set of the horror movie “Saw”.

Instead of nice rubber or plastic hand grips, we get medieval torture devices.

Guaranteed to rub away 4 layers of epidermis from your hands!

You can never find the barbell you want; they’re either mismatched or missing altogether.

And when you do find them, they look like this:

Hint: Get a tetanus shot before joining.

The owners must have robbed Jane Fonda’s storage facility in the 80’s and the tattered, sweat-stained fruits of her workout empire are now living antiques for us to enjoy!

Each archaic machine seems to be expertly adept at pulling at least one back muscle per session.

Many of the instructional stickers have peeled away so badly, you can’t quite tell what these leg-warmer clad, muscle-bound fembots are showing you how to do? It could be a breast exam.

There area also these newer little stickers on each machine, alerting you to notify the “Service Department” if found broken.

There’s one bored girl at the front desk, listening to her iPod and not bothering to look at you as she beeps you in.

I’m assuming she’s the “service department”.

One of my favorite parts about working out, is the motivating music played by current artists such as Bread, Chicago (#1 Ballads album) or Crosby Stills and Nash.

As you leave your envigorating workout, you are bid adieu by this lush, welcoming water fountain and pool.


  • October 23, 2011 10:25 am

Chicago Dog - Not sure where the Tomato fits in...

I don’t think it’s appropriate to review Township Saloon’s food based on what we ordered. They have a really fun Americana comfort food menu, but we just weren’t hungry enough to order anything substantial.

I ordered a hot dog. It was tasty.

And then the Lord made hot dogs.

And they were good.

But what can you really do with a hot dog? How can you really make it shine, sparkle, stand out in the crowd?

Basically, how do you make a hot dog gay?

What drew me to this place was the font and design of their menu. I knew right then and there, it was gay love at first sight.

Because if any restaurant had a gender, this place was all man.

They serve bourbon, whisky and MOONSHINE (the largest sized font on the menu) and ribs, dogs and meatloaf.

Booze and Meat.

And then the Lord rested.


Pretty Basic Wings


  • October 19, 2011 7:08 pm

Mexico City Tacos (With Tempeh)

I’m going to be honest about two things today.

One, the first time I dined at Real Food Daily, I thought it sucked.

And Two, one of my dining companions suffered from some serious flatulence.

When the first wave occurred, we had just finished eating. I winced a bit and sanguinely assumed it was some gross tourist.

The second gassing happened inside a vehicle with rolled up windows. I’m sorry ladies but one of you is the culprit and now my nose hairs lay on the carpet, as if severed by an acetylene torch.

Seriously, it was painful. As was the moment of silence that followed. Like a deceased spirit had passed through us all.

Thankfully, they had the common courtesy to avoid any fumitory incidents INSIDE the restaurant.

The women were all here for an extravagant, week- long fitness retreat. With what they were putting their bodies through, I guess I understand the stomach upsetness.

One of the women I had met in India last year and will be accompanying me to Israel in a few weeks so we can gorge ourselves on falafel and hummus and other gaseous foods!

Since my last visit to RFD, I’ve had some experience around vegan food (and had studied this menu extensively) so I knew exactly what to order.

Two of my companions, who seemed timid around the fake meat, ordered some pretty bland looking veggie dishes and didn’t seem too impressed.

My dish was clearly the best so I win, gals!

And my odiferous prize is vehicular suffocation.


  • October 18, 2011 8:28 am

Artichoke Ravioli

The Del Coronado Hotel is officially the bestest hotel ever. Period.

It’s a breathtaking Victorian beach resort (literally, right on the beach) that seems to never have been renovated (built in 1888), just maintained all these years.

What makes it special, is that there aren’t many wooden structures like this left. Many burned to the ground.

The Del (I can call it that, since we’re close) has a few amazing restaurants, an insane smelling candy shop, a great pool…

…and a dumb ghost.

The ghost of Kate Morgan, who killed herself shortly after the hotel was built, is famous.

Famous for being a royal pain the ass.

And thanks to my snapping a late night photo of her hotel room door, she followed me back to mine.

And kept turning on the lights throughout the night. And made several loud, unexplained noises on the patio, waking me up.

While the two above actions really happened and were kind of freaky, I’m only partially certain she FORCED me eat a TON of food this weekend.

A fiendish act I will never forgive her for.

The 1500 Ocean restaurant is a luxurious, ocean front experience (especially when you choose the tasting menu) which will fill your belly and empty your wallet.

It’s a beautiful balance.

I’m sure Kate would agree but she’s probably busy completely covering my bedroom floor with dirty clothes or filling my freezer with frozen pizzas and Hot Pockets.

That b*tch.

Ham Hock Terrine

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Duck Breast with Cherry and Beets

Some kind of Dessert

Cheese Plate

Homemade Pasta and Alfredo Night!

  • October 15, 2011 2:37 pm

Chicken Alfredo with Broccolini

Making fresh pasta from scratch can be fun….

As long as it’s someone else that’s making it.

And making Alfredo sauce can also be a challenge.

Only because you know the things you’re dumping in the pan should NOT be going in your body.

Oh well! Who knew actively clogging your arteries can be so delicious!


A few years back I was quietly enjoying some television when my roommate came home and announced “Some old guy’s standing by your car, looks like he’s examining it.”

That’s all I needed to hear, I was out the door and to my BMW (which was parked on the street) in time to see an elderly Russian man holding my ENTIRE rear bumper in his hand!

“I was going around the corner.”


“I hit.”

Silence. Pause to attempt to force my bumper back on, manually.

“I give you $50 dollars to fix.”

“Uh, this is going to be a lot more expensive than that to. I’m gonna have to get your insurance info.”

“No, no insurance.”


“I give you $100 dollar.”

“Are you kidding me? It’s going to be over a thousand dollars to fix this!”

“No, no it won’t be that much. No insurance.”

“We HAVE to go through your insurance, if I take your $100, I’ll be screwing myself!”

The bill ended up being about $1100, like I had anticipated, and was thankful I wasn’t as dumb as he thought I was.

This man lives right across the street from me and I see him outside smoking every morning before work.

I think he’s forgotten who I am. *Teardrop*

I’m just waiting for the day his cranky ass hits my new car and has the good sense to not be caught at the scene of the crime!

Car Smasher Extraordinaire


  • October 14, 2011 6:51 am

Breakfast Pot Pie - Delicious Slop in a Sideways Crust

I have a new theory that if you wanna make it in the restaurant biz, JUST SERVE BIG ASS CRAZY PORTIONS!!

That and be known for a few odd dishes. Like sticking a rosemary tree in your meal.

It doesn’t even matter if the food is any good, if you serve a LOT of it, they’ll come a runnin’ (“Dude, they have the world’s biggest plate of lima beans, cheetos and organic compost, all covered in housemade feline gravy!”).

Pancakes the size of pioneer wagon wheels, check!

Portions of scrambled eggs that could fill mop buckets, done!

When you look around at everyone’s plates, it’s… it’s unsightly.

My leftovers provided two extra meals and that’s NOT including DAY 3’s leftovers that had become too grotesque to keep.

Pot Pie Crust in the shape of Miss Piggy's upside down Easter Hat!

The wait in line, which I read could go up to 1.5 hours, was only 10 minutes. Thanks to my good sense to set the alarm in order to arrive as the first employee had shown up (to dump wheelbarrel’s full of leftovers on the parking lot pavement for San Diego’s homeless….I’m joking.)

Hash House, who’s food was actually really tasty, is easily the most popular restaurant in San Diego. Thanks to it’s appearance on the tv show, Man Vs. Food.

Here, instead of taking your polaroid if you’re dumb enough to finish your meal, they have an EMT on speed dial.


This is AFTER I couldn't take one more bite. Appetizing, eh?


  • October 11, 2011 7:17 pm

Salad in the Shade

In honor of my newly vegan friend who will NOT stop guilting me into his obstacle-ridden diet, I decided to make this tasty vegan meal.

Oxymoron? Not in this case.

I actually really enjoyed this dish and the fresh habaneros, while intimidating to slice up (I imagined the juices searing through my skin like fresh alien blood) they added a fun heat and delicious flavor to this ultra healthy concoction.

You can find the recipe here. Please note I tweaked it a bit, added some kale, celery and red peppers and used lentils instead of black beans and threw in an extra Habanero, just for fun.