I knew I was in for an Indian culinary treat when I saw the cook throwing an empty box of frozen Samosas in the trash.

And when time nearly stood still as I watched the friendly zombie attempt to put on his gloves before assembling my meal.

Tik tok, people.

No Tomatoes takes a fierce stand on some people’s greatest mortal enemy, the Tomato.

There is a sanction of folks out there who utterly despise this poor, crimson Humpty Dumpty of the vegetable (sorry, fruit) community.

I personally don’t get it. While I don’t appreciate how tomatoes can slime up a burger, I do enjoy them on occasion.

Whatever you order, this café promises no tomatoes will find their way into your (previously frozen) dinner.

But they delight in displaying somewhat fresh tomatoes on each of their cash registers as well as several, industrial-sized cans of tomato sauce on a decorative shelf.

It’s unclear who they’re really mocking here…should tomato lovers be offended by such blatant neglect?

Sadly, they invest so much time in their anti-tomatic behaviors that your food is stone cold by the time you eat it.

All that being said, it was still really tasty!!

Seekh Dog (Lamb Log with Spiced Coleslaw wrapped in Indian Flatbread)