Loaves of Meat!

Famous bald movie director, Rob Reiner, gave me an odd look as Clyde and I entered Grill on the Alley, king of the Hollywood powerlunch, last week.

I had always been curious about this place. Power players, heavy hitters and the douchebags that want you to think they’re someone (for example, us).

But is the FOOD any good??

When you pay $30 for a meatloaf, you expect a little something more than the crap you ate as a kid.

(No offense Mom, I use ‘crap’ for dramatic effect).

I feel as if my mother had her bare hands buried in a mound of meat (that was to become our dinner) at least once a week.

Was that an oat I just ate, or one of her press-on nails?

I have to admit, of all the meatloafs I’ve scarfed down in my time (with the exception of my own delicious recipe) this was the best I’ve ever had.




(Not to mention those incredible spinach garlic mashed potatoes!)

Mom, sorry for saying “douchebag” earlier. It’s not a pleasant word.

“I taught you better than that!”