Baby Beet Salad with Blue Cheese - Guaranteed to make your pee turn red and give you a cancer scare

I’m gonna fight Soni tooth and nail on this one but as many times as I’ve been there, I’m just not sold on Craft.

Sure it’s pretty and the waiters are super friendly.

But the food is overpriced, served in tiny portions only a Smurf could get full from and the flavors have never blown me away.

Probably because I can never take a large enough bite to cover more than 35% of my taste buds. Don’t want to finish me meal to quickly, laddy!

I know Tom Colicchio is embracing simplicity here, but with all the food I’ve eaten in my lifetime, I need to be wowed. And wooed. I need my food to want to sleep with me. On the first date.

It’s been three dates, Craft…time to put out.

Today’s beet salad was missing the nut factor. And perhaps a bit heavier on the cheese.

The tomato soup was TOO smokey.

The beer ice cream was too…beery.

However, the corn and the table bread were excellent! The next time I’m in the mood for a corn sandwich, Craft will be my…well, would still be my second choice.

Call me cold as ice, call me way harsh, Ty. I don’t care. I calls em as I sees em.

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