The Bhut Jolokia (also caled the Ghost Pepper) was the hottest pepper in the world. Up until 2010, when it was replaced by the Naga Viper Pepper.

Why are we breeding nuclear peppers, btw??

Either way, I had been curious to try one and never seem to get my lead-gloved hand on one.

Until last night.

When I saw one of Chili’s Addiction’s 8 varieties contained this elusive beast, I immediately barked yes.

Oh! Speaking of barking. The scariest homeless person in LA walked by as I was parking. Whilst holding up his pants, he would take two steps and then release a fierce, demonic dog bark through his toothless mouth that still sends shivers down my spinelesss spine.

Very sad.

ANYWAYS…I was SORELY disappointed when this alleged chili did not sear my mouth off, severed jaw plopping onto the table.

Where was the Bhut Jolokia? Where was my ghostly pal?

Apparently, they merely waved a polaroid of my spicy friend over the pot, instead of actually putting any in.

I remedied the situation by adding some fresh jalapenos. Aww…Finally I can taste something.

Chili Dog topped with Glowing Crystals!