Tuna on Crispy Rice with a petite slice of Avocado


I used to go to Asuka once a week with my friend, the Hollywood Madame, when we worked together.

HM was a spitfire hellion. She’d say what’s on her mind, piss people off, drink at noon, yell at her own clients, her own boss even!

She was a good friend.

Unfortunately, she was a troubled soul. She was severely depressed and tortured and I didn’t realize the extent of this until she ended her life last year.

We had dinner a week before Memorial Day and I was blabbing all about my problems.

In retrospect, I feel quite silly and regret that our last meeting was all about me.

A week later she had a fight with her boyfriend, drove back to her apartment and hung herself. She put a post it note on her door for her assistant to not enter and to call the police.

I think about her often and will miss the following things about her:

Hanging out in her hot as hell apartment.

Her infectious laugh followed by her infectious smokers cough.

Her Export A cigarettes.

The way she pronounced “horrible” as “harrible”.

The way she finished every story with: “The best was…”

Our two hour, 2 wine lunches.

That day at work when we hid under our desks.

Mutually hating everyone, especially annoying/stupid people.

Our fun dinners.

Her obsession with “The Bad Girls Club”.

She was a special person and I will always miss her.

Which is why Asuka will always have a special place in my heart. They’re SUPER friendly there, the food is delicious and you just feel so comfortable there.

Just ignore the cheesy Kenny G knockoff muzak and the 70’s decor and you’ll be fine.

When you leave, all of the sushi chefs say goodbye to you at once, like an old friend.

Cheers to you, Natasha.

Tuna Sashimi with Avocado, Crispy Onions and Jalapenos

Tempura Roll - Asian French Fries!