The Perfect Bite

Momed is a bustling spot on a nightmare street (Beverly drive makes you want to end lives…) but the
food is so fresh and tasty that you can’t help but put yourself through hellacious parking torment.

We ordered a platter of two dips (Avocado Hummus and the Muhammara, which is a red pepper,
pomegranate and walnut spread) and the cucumber salad. Combined with hunks of fresh, homemade
pita, they create the perfect bite.

We also ordered something called Pide, which is like a stuffed Mediterranean pizza. Also, very tasty.

I’m gonna keep this review short and sweet because it’s Labor Day weekend and I got shit to do!


Pide with Ohanyan spicy soujuk sausage, red onions, piquillo peppers and akawi cheese

Avocado Hummus aka Mediterranean Guacamole