LudoBites 007, a culinary adventure!

Pictured below, the brave explorers on this gastronomic journey.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre (from his very own Sundance Channel show), our zany tour guide.

Let me preface this post with a few fun facts.

One, this was one of the most fun meals I’ve ever eaten out.

Two, I do NOT like shellfish (or other creatures from the deep that don’t come in filet form) or odd meats.

Pretty pathetic for a food blogger, eh? (Enough, Siegfried)

The Ludo Crew!

This being said, I knew it was high time I dove in and toss a few foodstuffs down the ‘ole gullet that don’t normally make it passed my computer screen.

LudoBites is a pop up restaurant (in it’s 7th incarnation) that, for a month or two, take over spaces that don’t normally offer a dinner service.

This means a few things.

First, the reservations for the entire 6 week stint sold out in under a minute!!

We had dueling ressie handlers whose sole task was to get us a reservation.

Only one of them came out victorious.

Second, in this case, no liquor license. Which meant our wine had to be absconded in sneaky sandwich bags, where even an FBI agent working the last case of his career before retirement (and just wanted that last big ‘win’) would be utterly stumped at the prohibition reenactment on display tonight.

No Liquor License - AKA, The wine must be expertly conceiled.

A few firsts happened tonight.

First, we ordered everything on the menu! Two of everything, to be precise. I’ve never done that before and was quite excited.

Second, I took a bite of EVERYTHING. Yes, Bun Boy ate shellfish and weird meats!!

Third, and please skip this section if you are squeamish, but I threw up in my mouth TWICE. After the seafood milkshake and the compressed pigs head. I just couldn’t get passed what they were, it was not due to how they tasted.

Trouble is, I had to swallow my regurgitations in order to save face.


Bun Boy was on a food trek and he was not about to fall off track.

The following is photographic evidence of our adventure, in order of consumption, descriptions exactly as they appeared on our menus.

I will be letting the pictures tell the story as I have zero qualifications to be discussing the merits of these creations.

Please enjoy and do not attempt any of these dishes at home without a lovably psychotic chef’s supervision.

Chicken Wing Condoms!

Onion Tart, Bottarga (fish roe)

Jamaican Fried Chicken

Bouillabaise Milkshake (Seafood Surprise!)

Prawn & Scallop Ceviche, Aji Amarillo, Red Berries

Squid, Ash, Chorizo

Raw Beef, Rainbow Carrots, Shallots, Red Wine Mayo

Salt Cod Panna Cotta, Whipped Fingerling Potato, Smoked Tapioca

Compressed Pig's Head and Cheddar, Barbeque Gelee

Plancha Tandoori Octopus, Yogurt, Cauliflower, Grapefruit

Foie Gras "French Dim Sum", Crispy Kimchi, Black Truffle Cream

Duck, Cherry, Spicy Saucisse, Beets, Radish

Epoisse Cheese Risotto, Hazelnut, Egg Yolk, Herb Salad

Lavender Tropezienne Tart, Aloe Vera, Strawberry

Chocolate Cake, Chipotle, Orange