Not Fried...No Cheese...No Sauce...An $8 dollar price tag...What am I doing??

Now, I’m not scared of veggies. I love them, actually.

Today, however, all I had for lunch were veggies.

These bland green giants (with an unfulfilled menu promise of lemon) and the salad below were a tough call to make.

I wanted the flatbread pizza. I wanted the chicken bacon club.

But I’m part of a weight loss contest at work (tomorrow’s the final weigh in) and I’m currently in the lead. I couldn’t screw that up. People are depending on me.

Depending on me to take their money via the $200 prize.

After quitting my job, purchasing a modest home on both coasts and then setting up the niece and nephew with a hearty college fund, I vow to wisely invest the other half of my winnings.

To show you how much I’m dedicated to this challenge, I just said “NO” to a HUGE container of chicken, egg rolls and mac and cheese my neighbor just brought me from Whole Foods.

“Dude, I totally forgot I’m going to sushi tonight, eat this before it goes bad.”

I Just Said No!

(I kept it in the fridge for my ‘minutes after I weigh-in’ meal)

In other news, I just got back from hiking Runyon Canyon and walked by Kathy Griffin twice!

Just as I was about to feel guilty watching her do the hike twice, I remembered tomorrow’s potential cash windfall and amused myself with the thought that by eating greens, I could come into some major green.

Then I ignored the impulse to delete that last comment.

I won the competition! Fame and riches are mine!

Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad