There's sausage in there somewhere...

Do you ever bite into something so good, you don’t even bother to spit out that little chunk of wrapper that you’re currently chewing??

Well, calm down. This wasn’t that good.

I was just starving and knew that as long as the bite didn’t contain aluminum, I could avoid any future degenerative illnesses.

Jeff’s Sausage Factory is kosher all the way. No dairy in the joint. No one NOT wearing a yarmulke.

Except me.

The “Cajun” chicken sausage above was tasty (all their sausages are made fresh in the back). Albeit, about as Cajun as Bubba Gump Shrimp!

Would I recommend this to friends and colleagues?


If your car breaks down directly in front or the line at Pink’s is too long.


I was sitting at a busy intersection when I noticed a big ass beetle hovering about an inch from the ground in the very center.

Quite ballsy, this beetle.

He eventually found a resting place, smack in the middle of harm’s way. It was more like harm’s boulevard!

Yet, the cars never touched him. He remained unscathed.

Free to live another day. To go back to the dung heap he came from, spreading Beetle Flu and H1N1 along the way.

I realized that the beetle was just like me!

The reason is two-fold (three, if you count the disease spreading):

First, I thrive on chaos. I am not happy unless there is strife to overcome. Unless I have a laundry list of activities on the docket. Unless cars are trying to run me over.

There is no such thing as my dance card NOT being full.

Second, my mother believes I have a guardian angel protecting me. Actually, I have a gaggle of angels, all taking shifts (Don’t fret, they’re paid quite well and have a healthy benefits package).

I’ve experienced so many near misses and almost disasters, I can’t see any other explanation for my continued existence on this planet.

My presence is still requested.

To enjoy all that life has to offer…and to eat myself silly and take photographic (emphasis on GRAPHIC) evidence.