Organic Lamb Shepherd's Pie

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Waterloo and City, lately. If I didn’t go soon, I was going to burst.

And not with fruit flavors.

After picking up my travel companions (Bun Boy’s Taxi Service is thriving, thank you) we realized that the supposed location of Culver City seemed more like we were about to drive straight into the ocean’s welcoming water’s first!

After our harrowing trek of nearly 25 minutes (what are we, animals??) we were seated, enjoying a Basil Razzle Dazzle or whatever the hell this DELICIOUS basil/gin/creme de cassis drink was and feasting on a buffet of formed, pressed meats.

Smoked Salmon Terrine

As a foodie, I realize it’s utterly ridonkulous that I avoid all shellfish and don’t prefer to experiment with my meats.

I really only eat the parts of meat one would admire on a Playboy centerfold! (Breast, thigh, leg, intellect)

That being said, I tried each and every pate, fois gras and terrine of indiscernible chunks and they were all fantastic! The smoked salmon above stood out for sure.

Pork Chop / Pork Belly Combo

The pork chop / belly was fantastic and perfectly seasoned and moist (however, it appears someone dumped coffee grounds over it, in a demonstration I can only assume mirrors the Boston Tea Party), and the Lamb Shepherd’s Pie (pictured at the top) was a real decadent flavor explosion, so gorgeously presented!

Indian Butter Chicken Pizza

The Indian butter chicken pizza was a fun take and had some kick, which I wasn’t expecting.

The dish below looked great, but lacked some flavor when a sausage chunk didn’t accompany your bite.

Hmm, it appears I’ve accidentally given a grown-up restaurant review and now I’m ashamed at myself for going so long without any semblence of humor.

I think the nicer the restaurant, the more I’m inclined to sit up straight and fly right, and not embarrass myself too much.

I can save that for the next dump I visit that gives me diarrhea.

Hand Torn Basil Pasta with Artichokes and Italian Sausage