Chicken and least I think there was some chicken buried in all that breading...

I heard about a really cool event a few weeks back that I couldn’t pass up.

A beer tasting at the LA Zoo! Who could pass that up??

About a dozen or so California breweries had set up booths in various enclaves inside the zoo, so people could, in theory, embibe while trying not to get electrocuted trying to jump the fence to pet Ellie the Elephant.

In theory…

The issue was, like with many unique LA events, no one expects as many people to show up and the lines end up being so long, it kind of spoils the fun you’re having.

It was still a lot of fun hanging with friends, listening to the band play one song and seeing about 4 animals. It just didn’t last as long as we had hoped.

As my friend Tenille put it, “It was the most fun I’ve had drinking 3/4’s of a beer!”

After realizing the lines were now too long to stay any longer, we headed to the Good Microbrew to keep the fun going.

Unfortunately, my chicken was somewhat dreadful.

Now, I love me some fried chicken skin.

But when I tore open each fried carcass piece, I was at a loss to find much actual chicken…just more chicken skin.

It was either they had bred their poultry this way on purpose….or I was eating Grandma Chicken, who apparently died of old age.

She will always be remembered as a fiesty gal with a heart of gold but who would give you a stern talking to if you needed it.

I’ll never forget her clucking around the hen house, pushing around grain with her worn down beak, “I’ll tell you how it is, not how it should be. I’ll give you want you need, not what you want.”

If only we all could be as wise as Grandma Chicken.

P.S. What the HELL am I talking about???

All those smiling faces happy to wait in line.

Desperately searching for spilled beer.

$40 for 1.25 beers....worth it!!