A Map of the World via Indian Spices

When I was in India, our tour guide Sameer gave us a cooking demonstration while we were on safari NOT seeing tigers.

On our last day, I bought all the spices necessary to recreate his dish at home.

6 months later, I felt it might be time to finally make this damn meal!

Something died here...it was chicken, silly!

The problem was, I forgot the quantities needed, so I just dumped a heaping tablespoon of each one on a plate so it would look perty for a picture.

Then I just held my breath and dumped them all in the pot of hot oil.

And prayed to Shiva.

Whadya know, it turned out great!!

I mean, it was spicy as hell but the flavors were incredible.

Albeit, nothing like the dish Sameer made us…

So last night, Sonigram wanted to recreate his mothers’ fish curry.

Now, fish curry had always been the last on my list to try. It just sounded…well, gross.

But I was willing to open my mind to seafood in stew form…

He spent about a week’s wages on fresh Halibut from Whole Foods and upon returning from the store I was given the sole task of chopping the onions. It was a important duty and I was not about to fail!

Pushing my phobia of swallowing a fish bone aside, I dove in and it was delicious!

I am no longer frightened of fish curry! Fish curry is the new black!