The Final Destination film series is really just a warning of the pitfalls of faulty maintenance.

If a screw comes loose (and it certainly does at the start of every scene) anywhere in a 5 block vicinity, you’re probably going to die after a domino affect of implausible events occurs.

Maintenance men across the country are shaking in their boots. Jobs will be lost, people.

Is this really the message we want to be sending in this economy??

We chat with Jebbediah and Gertie as we’re about to leave the after party. There is a crowd of about 30 people hovering outside, kept at bay by almost as many security folks.

These people are waiting to spot and then photograph a celebrity.

They’re not waiting for us.

It’s a special kind of mass rejection when 30 people look at you simultaneously, first with a glimmer of hope.

And then severe disappointment.

Especially when you’re sneaking desserts out of a restaurant like a loser.

Dead giveaway for a non-celebrity.

Angelina Jolie has handlers to carry her stolen desserts.