Outtake from a pizza autopsy...

Ok. Here’s an honest to God restaurant review.

Like the old saying goes, Even bad pizza is good pizza.

Sotto is good bad pizza.

The crust managed to be both burned and doughy, simultaneously.

Quite the feat.

I could have done with 50% more crispidity. Yes, that’s now a word. Bun Boy terminology.

Much like Scientologists, Bun Boyethists have their own esoteric language.

Learn it, love it.

The flavor of the pizza, however, was incredible! We chose the Guanciale. House cured pork cheek (which tasted like bacon and sausage HAVING SEX) with ricotta and fennel pollen.

The servers were SUPER efficient and friendly and I really dug the dark, simple decor. Rustic wooden tables, super trendy bare bulbs encased in faux antique metal cages.

I always feel bad when I leave my Bun Boy business card and then give a crappy review. I always wonder if the restaurant’s high powered legal team will sue me for slander.

Because I’m THAT powerful in this town.

Shaved Beet Salad with Wheatberries