Waffle Grilled Cheese

All my life I’ve been a bargain hunter. I get this frugality from my grandma, who took me around to garage sales and thrift stores as a child.

Everything we purchased had to be sanitized.

Nothing we purchased was from this or the last decade.

Every store we went into carried an overwhelming stench. Urine pools on the ground, left by incontinent, elderly shoppers were sadly, common.

Purchasing name brand products were not part of my upbringing.

In fact, I’ve not had to pay a dime for a single piece of furniture in my bedroom. I guess I’m Hand-me-down Harry!

All my life, the same has rung true for clothes shopping.

I spend as little as possible on every article of clothing and now I realize the downfall of this behavior (besides looking like shit).

I needed some dress shoes for two weddings this year and ended up purchasing the cheapest pair that still looked somewhat decent.

Made by a company I’ve never heard of.

One month later, the thinest “leather” known to man began to peel pretty dramatically. A stiff breeze must have blown, destroying my bargain.

If I would have just spent a little more money, I would have owned a pair of shoes I could have kept for years.

I now know TWO THINGS to be true that I’ve always heard others spout my whole life.

You get what you pay for.

You spend $4 for a 10 pack of underwear from Wal Mart, you’ll soon be punished as you discover the pair you’re wearing dangling out of your pant leg!

A man needs a good watch (or a good cell phone), a good suit and a good pair of shoes.

I have no problems purchasing disposable shirts and pants (if you dare wash H&M clothing, you render it unwearable) because I have a short attention span and tire easily of wearing the same thing.

But you gotta have a few pieces of high quality shit.

Just like Mama always says.

What does all this have to do with The Waffle?


I’ve already blogged about The Waffle and I felt my musings today were more important to share with all of you.

Bun Boy has spoken.