Broccoli and Leek Quiche, with wet greens

I knew only one thing, today.

I wanted to eat at an outdoor cafe on Sunset Blvd, people watch and drink.

Chesty and I had just bombed a game show audition and needed to drown our sorrows.

FYI, Courtney Cox is creating a new celebrity trivia game show and apparently they only want grotesquely cheery folk to play their silly game.

As neither of us were ex-cheerleaders (and the fact that I CHOKED when it came time to be funny) we were shockingly, not chosen.

Chesty was SO pissed at me!

“I’m fine. I just want half of the $100,000 we would have won.”

Anyhoo, there are MANY of these prosaic, little cafes on Sunset, and filled with annoying people donning enormous sunglasses trying to see and be seen.

Today, they were us.



I love quiche, people! Don’t piss me off and serve me a crappy one!!

If only I had some hot sauce to drown it in.

If only a grain or two of salt had been used in its preparation.

I must remain calm, we didn’t come here for the cuisine, we came here to drink and people watch.

Mission Accomplished.


This is why we're really here...