The finest Corned Beef pennies can buy...

Am I crazy?

Did I really think that things were going to go smoothly for Canter’s 80th Anniversary??

They were offering .80 cent Corned Beef sandwiches. I realize full well what free or heavily discounted stuff does to the populous.

It makes them INSANE!

It turns them into post-apocalyptic zombies.

The free tote bag, 40% off coupon or discount adopted baby…

They will wait hours for an autograph, days for a Star Trek premiere.

It wasn’t any different for a lousy sandwich.

It's a mighty long wait if you don't know the secret...

What made me chuckle, was the fact that no one seemed to realize there were actually supposed to be two lines into the restaurant.

One for to-go orders and one for eat in customers.

We waltzed right past the two block long “to go” line, chock full of hungry ignoramuses and we were seated in less than five minutes!

Bun Boy does NOT wait in line.

80 years, 8 balloons and a dizzying ceiling.

Matzo Ball Soup, of course.

Noodle Kugel

Inside was kind of a nightmare, I’m not gonna lie.

Everyone was vying for a spot in the “line” which was more of a mob of people constantly apologizing for purposely cutting in front of everyone else.

Luckily a Canters employee was making lynchburg lemonade out of the lemons and ushering parties to their table at breakneck speed.

What pretty much shocked the hell out of me was the fact that our waitress was super friendly!

I’ve been to Canters many a time. I didn’t normally come for the bright, shining face that would thrust our gruel at us, and count the minutes til we vacated our table.

“Two specials?” she assumed (correctly) as she took our order. (They must HATE this night)

The special was a full Corned Beef sandwich, a pickle, a tiny container of potato salad and a chocolate rugula. All for .80 cents!

It was the perfect evening and meal.

And it was all over in 25 minutes.

Chocolate Rugula