Seared Yellowtail Sashimi - with a Sriracha eyeball!

Robatayaki, or Robata for short, is a simple form of Japanese Grilling.

Just as Teriyaki is the technique of cooking with a sweet soy sauce marinade (or the ghetto thing you order at a sushi restaurant if you don’t like raw fish)

Robata is a popular form of dining in Japanese bars. Everyone sits around the griller while he puts various sundries on skewers, grills them over charcoal and essentially tosses them on your plate.

Sort of like Japanese Tapas.

At Robata Jinya, our food was handed to Jebbediah and I on long planks, It was all very sanitary.

I don’t know if it was the pitcher of Sapporo talking, but I loved my entire experience at RJ’s (my new nickname for it – we’re sort of best friends now).

The food was excellent and inexpensive, everyone was friendly and we were immediately seated.

Boring, right?

Let’s think of something juicy to spice up this post…Hmm…

Did we sneak out and not pay our bill?? Perhaps…

Oh, I was a TOTAL dick and stole someone’s amazing parking spot on the way there! Bad karma for sure!

Which probably explains that small voodoo doll I found tucked into my windshield wipers the following morning…

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