Lamb Burger with Edamame Hummus...or is the burger spitting something up?

One of my very first bloggity blogs was Umami, back in the day (2009)

I had stolen a very unnattractive burger picture online and karma’s been a bitch ever since!

I decided that, to resolve all this bad juju, I needed to go back.

To the scene of the crime.

And take my own damn photo.

Too bad the burger wasn’t as amazing as it was when I first tried it….

My mistake was getting the specialty burger.

Everytime I try to venture out and try something new at a restaurant known for something in particular, I get burned.

Like these french fries did to the roof of my mouth.

Some people don’t like Lamb because it’s gamey. I WISH this was gamey, I wish it was anything!

It was like I had ordered this from the Flavorless Cafe!

The potato options were all delicious and my friend attests his “normal” burger was the shit.

Why did I stray?

Why did I have to be different?

Umami, I won’t give up on you!

…I just won’t ever assume you can reinvent the wheel.

They seem to be oozing something un-potato like...