I did NOT need two...

Papaya King was brought to LA by the company SBE, the people that own most of LA nightlife. They’re like the mafia. I wouldn’t mess with them. Just order their $15 dollar drinks and shut up.

All that being said, the hot dogs here are…just OK.

But I’ll say the same thing about Pink’s, which is an LA institution. Why, I have NO clue.

On what planet are hot dogs worth an hour wait?? Especially when Coscto dogs are SO much better.

Not worth it, People!!

The Papaya dogs are so damn thin, that you can’t even taste them under the gallon of relish and overwhelmingly pungent NY onions (diced onions in an…oniony sauce)

Papaya King is also located in an odd, sketchy location.

“I hate Hollywood” Chesty commented as we watched three large, twitching men finish their dogs and walk across the street to their scary rape-mobile. Where they sat for 10 minutes…waiting…

“Hollywood is just people looking for crack”

While I think SBE should stick to obnoxious nightclubs, they may as well work on bringing the elusive White Castle to LA next…