Tuna Tar Tar with Creme Fraiche and Potato Chip

Chesty invited me to an Hawaiian cookoff last week. Sort of like a Top Chef Masters, these chef’s (from restaurants’ BLD and Eva) were cooking for Chef Roy from that famous Hawaiian chain that I’ve never been to.

I’m unclear if there was anything at stake. I’m dubious if there was a cash prize. I don’t really know why this was all happening.

Either way, it was to be a night of free pupus and unnecessary amounts of booze involving pineapple.

The crowd was…older…

Were we at one of those Time Share seminars they make you attend in order to get a free vacation?

Highly likely.

Spam Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Spam and Pork Sandwich)

Either way, it soon became clear that everyone was in it for the free crap.

As soon as the chef finished plating a tray of appetizers, the happy server would turn around with a look of horror as a swarm of pirhanas assimilated everything on his plate in seconds.

This kept happening so frequently (the normal folk, NOT huddled desperately by the food prep table) began to wonder if there was even any food at this clam bake!

Eventually, the server would attemp to sneak hurriedly around the other side of the table as to pathetically attempt to feed the starving peeps on the other side of the party.

Usually, the same hungry hungry hippos just stopped him dead in his tracks.

Chesty and myself enjoying Pineapple Mojitos

Upon showing this picture to Chesty, she commented “That looks like a scene from SAW!”

Charlotte's web couldn't save Wilbur this time...

Sizzling Fois Gras!