“Napoleon, go make yourself a damn Quesa-Dilla!”

There’s nothing better (or worse) than a hangover breakfast.

You need food. This is your sole objective.

However, the surroundings need to be just right.

The location can not be too hot (you’ll sweat out the booze and stink)

You cannot have forgotten your sunglasses! It cannot be too loud, or too bright.

And for God Sake’s, the wait for a table cannot be too long.

Luckily, all the stars were aligned this morning and a breakfast quesadilla was in order.

Home is a casually trendy spot in Los Feliz (the Silverlake of 10 years ago, when KCRW was still determining what everyone listened to)

It’s mostly outdoors, mostly shaded and exactly what the doctor ordered on this Saturday morning when I began to slightly panicking, wondering where I parked my car from last night and guessing how much the parking ticket was…