Greek Yogurt with Honey and Orange Zest with Strawberries, Mint and Amaretto cookies

A few weeks ago, Tenille enlisted J.K. and myself to cater Captain’s surprise bridal shower at the W Hotel!

We were pumped to take on the challenge!

We spent countless hours (3 emails exchanged) creating a menu. And then cutting it in half when we realized dinner would follow a few hours after and everyone will have just enjoyed brunch!

Paid Slave Labor!

The suite Tenille rented was gorgeous.

What wasn’t gorgeous was the fact J.K. and I had about ten minutes to set everything up before the bride-to-be arrived!!


We put everyone to work, women and children first!!

Our situation wasn’t helped by Mamy dropping our bottle of vodka and smashing it to bits in the W parking lot.

After dropping Mamy as our friend, we sent her running to Trader Joe’s to replace it.

When she returned, we threw together our masterpiece signature drink!

The crowd enjoyed our trio of tea sandwiches (thanks Jebeddiah for making the delish egg salad) and enjoyed torturing us with their harsh demands and mischievous toddlers knocking everything over.

The Bride to Be...and weird friend (kidding, Chesty)

After the shower was over, we kicked everyone out and got ready for dinner next door at Wood and Vine.

We took over almost the entire top floor. People enjoyed free flowing wine, delicious food coming out at a record breaking pace and giving emotional toasts.

Chicken and Waffles - Fancy Pants Style!

When I found out how much I owed for my portion of dinner, I panicked and raced out of the joint to the nearest ATM.

Running past hookers and tourists on Hollywood blvd, I made it in time to finagle a small home loan from the grimy automated teller.

It was a really special day for everyone and I’m very excited to have a small part in their wedding ceremony next weekend.

Love you guys!!

Soon to be married!

Congrats to the happy couple!!

Good Night!