Grilled Short Rib over Rice Vermicelli

We took our pregnant co-worker for a goodbye lunch (before her selfishly luxurious maternity leave) at Rock Sugar today.

We’re great people, aren’t we?

For some reason, they gave us our own private, exotic room where we could be as loud and catty as we wanted!


Rock Sugar is basically the definition of fusion.

Fusion basically means “can’t commit”.

Rock Sugar vomits this lack of committment all over their gorgeous, multi-million dollar establishment.

They’ve created their own country, called AsiaWorld, and it’s so over the top you don’t make reservations as much as stand in line to buy tickets.

The times I’ve eaten here in the past, I’ve not been impressed.

I thought Rock Sugar couldn’t do justice to any of the ethnicities represented.

This time, I ordered right and LOVED absolutely everything.

Although, I kind of loved our private room a bit more.

Congrats S on your new baby girl, born healthy this morning!!

I’m sure you owe it all to us and our support (AKA: your free lunch and our baby name suggestions)

You’re welcome for all that we do and mean to you!!


Bun Boy and Friends

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