Last Saturday, I woke up from under my hangover and GPS’d my way to Altadena (Alta who?) to hike up the mysterious Echo Mountain.

At the top of the “mountain” are the ruins of the old resort, White City.

This sounds a bit more exotic than the spray painted cement foundations that remain.

I felt a bit duped.

I also didn’t really realize that the little hike would end up being a “three hour tour” and after licking the remaining liquid from my tiny, empty water bottle, my appetite became voracious.

I remembered driving by a really old Pastrami joint on my way to Echo Mountain. Soon the image and taste of this sandwich became all I could think about.

I had forgotten my sunblock and my abortive attempts to cover my neck with my hand (while making sure the camera bag chafing my shoulder didn’t slip off) were comical.

The Hat is a 60 year old Pastrami chain with several inconvenient locations.

The sandwich was good and greasy….

OK, I had just written a little dialogue about Oprah. Having never seen an episode, I didn’t feel it was fair to spew out my narrow-minded thoughts on this television diety just yet.

Stay tuned to hear what I have to say when I finally get through an episode…FYI, it’s not looking good.