If this was an American dish those holes would be filled with cheese!

I’ve never been to an Indian restaurant with a VIP before.

When Sonigram and I walked into Anarakali, someone came up to us, shook his hand and led us to his favorite booth.

We were instantly given free Samosas, which are one of my favorite earthly delights.

They're lucky I haven't doused them with Sriracha!

There are a million things on a typical Indian menu, however, I always order the WMS!

(White Man’s Special)

But I wanted to order food I’ve never eaten before and put myself into Soni’s hands.

I was extra anxious because this was to be my first Indian meal since getting back from India over 6 months ago!

We ordered the Lamb Pasanda and the Sheekh Kabob (Pictured above).

I’ve only eaten Lamb Pasanda in India (how pretentious does that sound?) however my picture made the dish appear like the aftermath of a canine abortion.

A tasty one at that!

The ground lamb kabob (pictured at top) was also unfortunately photographed, but I thought was fun to include.

Soni taught me how to properly tear Naan with my fingers and scolded me for using my fork, chiding “Put down that metal thingy!”

My apologies to the chef and thanks for the free rice pudding for dessert!

Thanks Sonigram for din din and the Indian Italian wine!!