The Renaissance Faire with Jebbediah and Gertie.

A Story in Pictures.

The first MEAT PIE of the day! (but not the last)

Before pockets, ladies kept their shot glasses in a more convenient place

Queen Elizabeth was famous for beheading when she didn't get her cheese fries.

So fattening, Ye Ole Chili's replaced it on their menu with the now famous Baby Back Ribs

How on earth is THIS renaissance?...

More Fans of the Faire

I'm going to hell for snapping this pic. Why wasn't she holding a turkey leg??

Arrested for public intoxication. They were kind enough to let me keep my ale.

Boobs and Beer!

Medieval Torture Device? Most likely, considering Gertie burned rubber to be first in line!

Cute Duck Alert!

Ladies, ripe for the picking. On their way to Speed Dating at the local pub

Jebeddiah and Gertie get Married!

Time to leave, a Scottish Pie for the road...