Lamb Taco!

Lamb Taco!

Spent a fantastic evening out. Dinner and my first visit to the Disney Concert Hall.

Border Grill used to be called Ciudad. Owned by celebrity Chef, Susan Feniger who also owns one of my favorite restaurants, Street.

The food is really creative, top notch, upscale Mexican cuisine.

Just this side of overpriced.

The service was SLOW!!!

We were obviously seated in the Lost Boys section, and brutally ignored the entire time!

Green Corn Tamales

Green Corn Tamales

Ok, dinner is done. Time for the show!

I’ve seen a symphony before. At the Hollywood Bowl.

My friend’s client gave her his Pool Circle tickets (the best seats at the bowl, they can’t be purchased by the average joe)

We enjoyed numerous bottles of wine, waiters taking our food orders and I felt proud to be sitting in better seats than film director Garry Marshall, sitting behind me.

The problem with going to see an orchestra perform is the lack of visuals.

I’ve been bored by opera and lulled to sleep by ballet.

And in those mediums, there’s plenty to watch (and poke fun of!)

I was sure to be napping under the table within minutes.

Luckily, I had embibed enough vino that I was able to entertain myself watching everyone’s bodies jiggle as they played their violas and sweat on their cellos.

The Disney concert hall is a beautiful building.

That evening, I was able to gaze at the architecture and try to catch anyone in the orchestra messing up.

And pick out who might be the unpopular musicians, the outcasts and the symphony whores of the group.

Those not invited to the monthly book club meetings.

Before I knew it, it was over and I left thoroughly impressed.

And drenched in sweat due to the severe lack of moving air.

I swear my seats were heated like a BMW 7 series!

Chorizo Mashed Potatoes

Chorizo Mashed Potatoes