This bowl is named after me, "Bun"

I was a bit nervous to bring my camera to Red Medicine because of the story of the LA Times food critic who was kicked out of the restaurant a while back.

Not that I feared they would see me as a force to be reckoned with. I just thought they would make me check my camera at the door.

I was supposed to meet someone for lunch when I received a text from that someone that they had slept through their alarm. At one in the afternoon??

So, for the first time in my existance, I had to eat in a restaurant by myself.

I had eaten at a sushi bar once, but I was in and out in 30 minutes, and I wasn’t totally humiliated.

Luckily, there was literally no one else in the restaurant to point and whisper about the creepy guy in the corner, occasionally sobbing.

I ordered the Bun, the noodle/meat/veggie/herbs dish with fancy wagyu beef.

Wagyu refers to a breed of cattle genetically predisposed to…uh…taste better, I guess. Kobe (which refers to the region of Japan) is a type of Wagyu beef.

Wagyu is grain fed for the last 350-500 days of production (such a cold term for poor cow) are higher in Omega’s and have a better ratio of fats.

All of this info was from memory of course.

Chicken Dumplings?

Chicken Dumplings?

In a pool update, someone left an incorrectly spelled note saying “So, fix it. This is F***** bullsh**”

It was removed by building management when I got back from my run an hour later.

Trouble is brewing...(as are the lifeforms growing in our pool)

Trouble is brewing...(as are the lifeforms growing in our pool)