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  • May 27, 2011 3:46 pm

Steak Tartare

I’m gonna be honest with you. The idea of bashing Oprah makes me nervous.

Five minutes after pressing “Submit” on my blog, I suspect a mysterious black sedan will permanently park its happy ass right outside my apartment building.

It might even be illegal to critique Oprah. Like threatening the president.

I should probably check the US Constitution for any recent changes.

Asparagus in Gelatin

So, as much as I realize Oprah’s done some great things with her ENORMOUS power, I can’t help but try my darndest to KEEP DOWN THE VOMIT as I suffer through her farewell episodes.

Not even Jesus Christ would have received such a reception!


And seeing the insane look in the audience’s eyes, those adoring, obsessed, tear-choked eyes, I realize that Oprah IS A RELIGION.

Watching these shows remind me of those TV Evangelists I’d accidentally flip through when I was home nursing a cold.

Why are people so obssessed with Oprah?

Did Oprah really change all these people’s lives?

Or did she just book some really good guests?

Watermelon Salad

I guess the thing that’s bothering me now, is why are we behaving as if Oprah has only one week to live!

Or that she decided to permanantly move to her new penthouse on the Space Station??

The gratuitous fanfare, filled with “surprise” celebrity guests coming to say goodbye (like she doesn’t have all their damn cell numbers on speed dial) is just too much to bare.

And can anyone really surprise God, I mean Oprah?


The best part of it all is that Oprah is EATING it all up. I would be MORTIFIED by such praise, I would be shrinking in my seat.

But can you imagine the wrath Big Mama O would have brought down if her people didn’t do something pretty darn big for her going away???

She would have yelled out in her siren like voice “WHERE’S MY SURPRISE, PEOPLE??!!”

Her thunderous voice would have brought down nearby buildings, many of which she owns.

Oprah is simply changing television stations, people!!

Calm down and sink back in your nasty old couches!

I don’t think I can finish watching her farewell shows without a bigger bucket….


Really hip French restaurant in an eerie, abandoned, warehouse heavy part of downtown.

Great food, even better wine, kind of noisy and packed!



  • May 26, 2011 1:01 pm

Last Saturday, I woke up from under my hangover and GPS’d my way to Altadena (Alta who?) to hike up the mysterious Echo Mountain.

At the top of the “mountain” are the ruins of the old resort, White City.

This sounds a bit more exotic than the spray painted cement foundations that remain.

I felt a bit duped.

I also didn’t really realize that the little hike would end up being a “three hour tour” and after licking the remaining liquid from my tiny, empty water bottle, my appetite became voracious.

I remembered driving by a really old Pastrami joint on my way to Echo Mountain. Soon the image and taste of this sandwich became all I could think about.

I had forgotten my sunblock and my abortive attempts to cover my neck with my hand (while making sure the camera bag chafing my shoulder didn’t slip off) were comical.

The Hat is a 60 year old Pastrami chain with several inconvenient locations.

The sandwich was good and greasy….

OK, I had just written a little dialogue about Oprah. Having never seen an episode, I didn’t feel it was fair to spew out my narrow-minded thoughts on this television diety just yet.

Stay tuned to hear what I have to say when I finally get through an episode…FYI, it’s not looking good.


  • May 24, 2011 10:10 am


Has anyone stopped to think the Rapture actually took place but that no one was worthy of Heaven?

We all are, however, worthy of a good Pretzel Burger!

11058 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 312-7013



  • May 21, 2011 6:25 pm

Coconut Cake and Green Tea Flan

This is the second entry in my “Premiere Desserts” series.

Since camera’s aren’t allowed into premieres (which doesn’t stop everyone from feverishly snapping pics on their camera phones!) I’m forced to grab a few end of the night desserts and take my picture at home. Like a weirdo.

Mango Rice Pudding

While, I won’t give my opinion of The Hangover 2, I will say the after party was a blast!

Met some famous sports figures (unbenownst to me), enjoyed some spicy cocktails at the Tabasco sponsored bar and received a brutally painful temporary spray on tattoo.

It’s going to take an intense, 30 second, mild loufa session to remove that puppy!

Edgy? Very.


  • May 18, 2011 7:38 pm

If this was an American dish those holes would be filled with cheese!

I’ve never been to an Indian restaurant with a VIP before.

When Sonigram and I walked into Anarakali, someone came up to us, shook his hand and led us to his favorite booth.

We were instantly given free Samosas, which are one of my favorite earthly delights.

They're lucky I haven't doused them with Sriracha!

There are a million things on a typical Indian menu, however, I always order the WMS!

(White Man’s Special)

But I wanted to order food I’ve never eaten before and put myself into Soni’s hands.

I was extra anxious because this was to be my first Indian meal since getting back from India over 6 months ago!

We ordered the Lamb Pasanda and the Sheekh Kabob (Pictured above).

I’ve only eaten Lamb Pasanda in India (how pretentious does that sound?) however my picture made the dish appear like the aftermath of a canine abortion.

A tasty one at that!

The ground lamb kabob (pictured at top) was also unfortunately photographed, but I thought was fun to include.

Soni taught me how to properly tear Naan with my fingers and scolded me for using my fork, chiding “Put down that metal thingy!”

My apologies to the chef and thanks for the free rice pudding for dessert!

Thanks Sonigram for din din and the Indian Italian wine!!

Renaissance Faire 2011

  • May 16, 2011 7:58 pm

The Renaissance Faire with Jebbediah and Gertie.

A Story in Pictures.

The first MEAT PIE of the day! (but not the last)

Before pockets, ladies kept their shot glasses in a more convenient place

Queen Elizabeth was famous for beheading when she didn't get her cheese fries.

So fattening, Ye Ole Chili's replaced it on their menu with the now famous Baby Back Ribs

How on earth is THIS renaissance?...

More Fans of the Faire

I'm going to hell for snapping this pic. Why wasn't she holding a turkey leg??

Arrested for public intoxication. They were kind enough to let me keep my ale.

Boobs and Beer!

Medieval Torture Device? Most likely, considering Gertie burned rubber to be first in line!

Cute Duck Alert!

Ladies, ripe for the picking. On their way to Speed Dating at the local pub

Jebeddiah and Gertie get Married!

Time to leave, a Scottish Pie for the road...


  • May 13, 2011 12:29 pm

Why didn't I order this??

There used to be a woman living in my apartment building named SM from Minnesota.

We were really close friends. She’d always throw dinner parties, experimenting with new recipes.

We’d go downtown for dim sum and cheap chinese flip flops. She introduced me to the Movies in the Cemetery and helped foster my current love of cooking.

We’d make fun of the way she said Pumpkin (Punkin) and Put (Pert)

She was my buddy to explore LA with, she was a hoot.

Then she went Koo Koo.

She began getting paranoid, she thought her bosses at work had hired two of our fellow neighbors to spy on her, tap her phones and to go through her mail!

She started becoming distant yet even more eccentric.

When we were drinking by our pool one evening, she pointed to the stars and said “See those stars? That’s where I’m from.”

She once said “I’m gonna chop his head off and put it on top of my TV”

We all suspected she was Bipolar, she shopped like crazy and hid half of Crate and Barrel in her spare bedroom which she FORBADE anyone to enter.

She had some serious mood swings.

She acted like she was on meth.

It was all very, very sad.

She began assuming everyone in our building had been hired by her firm and soon wouldn’t talk to anyone.

She began gaining weight and would hardly ever leave her apartment.

One day, she told us she was moving out but wouldn’t tell us where she was going.

Then she disappeared.

She responded quite vaguely to one of my emails a year or so back but I haven’t heard from her since.

I miss you, SM!

Oh, and I went to the Counter and my friend ordered the burger pictured above. I ordered a piece of crap chicken sandwich which I refused to take a picture of. I was bitter. A Bitter Brenda.

Border Grill

  • May 9, 2011 9:19 pm

Lamb Taco!

Lamb Taco!

Spent a fantastic evening out. Dinner and my first visit to the Disney Concert Hall.

Border Grill used to be called Ciudad. Owned by celebrity Chef, Susan Feniger who also owns one of my favorite restaurants, Street.

The food is really creative, top notch, upscale Mexican cuisine.

Just this side of overpriced.

The service was SLOW!!!

We were obviously seated in the Lost Boys section, and brutally ignored the entire time!

Green Corn Tamales

Green Corn Tamales

Ok, dinner is done. Time for the show!

I’ve seen a symphony before. At the Hollywood Bowl.

My friend’s client gave her his Pool Circle tickets (the best seats at the bowl, they can’t be purchased by the average joe)

We enjoyed numerous bottles of wine, waiters taking our food orders and I felt proud to be sitting in better seats than film director Garry Marshall, sitting behind me.

The problem with going to see an orchestra perform is the lack of visuals.

I’ve been bored by opera and lulled to sleep by ballet.

And in those mediums, there’s plenty to watch (and poke fun of!)

I was sure to be napping under the table within minutes.

Luckily, I had embibed enough vino that I was able to entertain myself watching everyone’s bodies jiggle as they played their violas and sweat on their cellos.

The Disney concert hall is a beautiful building.

That evening, I was able to gaze at the architecture and try to catch anyone in the orchestra messing up.

And pick out who might be the unpopular musicians, the outcasts and the symphony whores of the group.

Those not invited to the monthly book club meetings.

Before I knew it, it was over and I left thoroughly impressed.

And drenched in sweat due to the severe lack of moving air.

I swear my seats were heated like a BMW 7 series!

Chorizo Mashed Potatoes

Chorizo Mashed Potatoes


  • May 8, 2011 5:36 pm

This bowl is named after me, "Bun"

I was a bit nervous to bring my camera to Red Medicine because of the story of the LA Times food critic who was kicked out of the restaurant a while back.

Not that I feared they would see me as a force to be reckoned with. I just thought they would make me check my camera at the door.

I was supposed to meet someone for lunch when I received a text from that someone that they had slept through their alarm. At one in the afternoon??

So, for the first time in my existance, I had to eat in a restaurant by myself.

I had eaten at a sushi bar once, but I was in and out in 30 minutes, and I wasn’t totally humiliated.

Luckily, there was literally no one else in the restaurant to point and whisper about the creepy guy in the corner, occasionally sobbing.

I ordered the Bun, the noodle/meat/veggie/herbs dish with fancy wagyu beef.

Wagyu refers to a breed of cattle genetically predisposed to…uh…taste better, I guess. Kobe (which refers to the region of Japan) is a type of Wagyu beef.

Wagyu is grain fed for the last 350-500 days of production (such a cold term for poor cow) are higher in Omega’s and have a better ratio of fats.

All of this info was from memory of course.

Chicken Dumplings?

Chicken Dumplings?

In a pool update, someone left an incorrectly spelled note saying “So, fix it. This is F***** bullsh**”

It was removed by building management when I got back from my run an hour later.

Trouble is brewing...(as are the lifeforms growing in our pool)

Trouble is brewing...(as are the lifeforms growing in our pool)


  • May 4, 2011 12:30 am

Smore's Cup

Smore's Cup

I snapped this shot shortly after screeching into some strange driveway when I saw I was being followed by the police!!

In other news, I ate three of these at the actual Premiere!