pats sammie
In honor of Passover starting next week (and my pending trip to Israel), I thought it would be apropos to have lunch at a Kosher restaurant.

Besides the strict guidelines for meat preparation, this essentially means no dairy is allowed in this establishment.

Unknowingly carrying in contraband string cheese could be punishable by death.

Many Kosher restaurants are closing at 2 today (or not even open at all) so we had to skedaddle, stuff our faces and go.

The Avocado Egg Rolls were delicious. I did not even miss the cheese that you would normally find in your traditional Southwest Egg Roll.

pat's egg rolls

The chicken tenders with a Dijon breading were quite nice too.

pats skewers

My Brisket and Onion sandwich (pictured at the top) could have done without that tyrannical slice of tomato, but the sammy was tasty, nonetheless.

As I looked around noticing I was the only male missing his Yarmulke, I also noticed an alarming swarm of angry bees outside the window begin to attack unknowing passersby!

It kept me quite amused.

Chag sa’may’ach!!