Breakfast Panini

Breakfast Panini

Sure, I ate a delicious breakfast Panini, pictured above. Sure, the Alcove is a peacefully trendy brunch spot in Los Feliz and sure, I would highly recommend it.

But more important than that are my thoughts on McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

Please note, my musings (or rather, McMusings) are not new, shocking or revolutionary. I’m just reiterating what we all know.

I do enjoy fast food on occasion but I always lean towards my old childhood friend, McDonalds.

Their burgers are entirely their own creation, their own smell.

These silver dollar-sized patties contain a generous percentage of real cow’s beef. I’m thinking at least 50%!

But we’re here to discuss the McNugget.

I was calmly reading a book last weekend, coming across a passage where the main character goes and buys some McNuggets.

I instantly put the book down and did the exact same thing.

I HAD to have these ALL WHITE MEAT chunks.

Formed lovingly into two distinct shapes (naturally occuring in the poultry community): the perfect circle and the state of Florida.

So cute, a fried child's bootie!

So cute, a fried child's bootie!

And I had to have 20 of them! I was not f**king around.

Let’s dissect this phrase, ALL WHITE MEAT.

Sure, it’s 100% meat from an unknown animal, much like the unknown soldier.

And sure, the COLOR is WHITE.

But are we thinking this is actual BREAST MEAT?

Highly unlikely.

Would it really be that terrible to accidentally spill some biodegradable white food dye into the chicken product, soy protein mixture?

Yes folks, I’m blowing the lid off this McSham!

McDonald’s may, in fact, not be as healthy as you all thought!

That is all.