Today was a delightful, food montage of a day.

After finishing a vigorous hike at Runyon Canyon (my second, I woke up ass early to complete the exact hike 4 hours prior), Thelma, Louise and myself drove to the uber pretentious Joan’s for the best possible way to cancel out any calories burned on the hike.

Joan’s was a zoo, per the usual. Empty tables were non-existent.

I was pacing impatiently in my sweaty workout outfit, inches from diners taking FAR too long to finish eating.

I finally pounced on the next available table, the size of which would comfortably seat a child’s tea party if only one guest was in attendance.

Luckily the delicious grilled cheese and shortrib sandwich made up for the man smoking a cigarette next to me and the tourettes inducing bark of his dog.

Sure, we were now satiated. We were even full.

But there was a new pie shop next door. It HAD to be visited.

When I set my dilated pupils on the selection of mini pies, my heart filled with joy.


While we were waiting for our pies, I noticed an inch long hair hanging from Thelma’s nose.

When I went to brush it off, I soon found myself PLUCKING IT AS IT WAS GROWING OUT FROM THE TOP OF HER NOSE!!

This curtailed a bit of my appetite, to say the least.

We then scarfed down a salted caramel, chocolate peanut butter and cherry crumble in no time! This influx of sugar supplied the necessary energy required to do a little shopping afterwards.

The kind of shopping where I pick up items, muttering comments such as “I’m going to buy this for sure…eventually”

Store employees love me.

Mini Pies!!

Mini Pies!!