Buzz Burger

Buzz Burger

You gotta love a burger taller than a supermodel and needing to be graphically impaled with a stick (out of view) in order to avoid toppling over into oblivion!

The Buzz Burger, containing enormous slices of jalapeno’s (and their seeds), is one of the new hybrid of gourmet, ‘knife and fork’ burgers. You would look like an idiot trying to eat it any other way.

We also ordered the beer battered onion rings, but they declined to have their picture taken (as they were feeling rather soggy that afternoon)

Afterwards, we headed to Milk for decadent, homemade ice cream bars.

I placed mine, lovingly, on a disgusting 7-11 parking lot partition to get this pic. Passersby wondered what on earth I was doing.

Banana and Butterscotch Ice Cream Bar from 'Milk'

Banana and Butterscotch Ice Cream Bar from 'Milk'

Random thought for the day:

We’ve all used the expression “Not too shabby”, but does anyone EVER feel the reverse? Is anyone overcome with bouts of shabbiness and vocalize this thought?

Or is Shabby only something you DON’T feel?

It appears to be a word wallowing in it’s own non existance.

So, later this week, if you’re not feeling tip top, try to let something know just how Shabby you’re feeling.