The Red O is my favorite new restaurant.

Great food, friendly staff, large unstuffy, gorgeous space.

Ok, done.

Here are some random thoughts that occured on my way to work today:

Do you ever see someone so crazy looking that you not only wonder IF they’ve ever killed someone, but must assume they’re on their way to commit an additional homicidal act?

Do you ever see a car so rickety and old (usually driven by the above and usually a Datsun) that you’re shocked it is moving without the use of the drivers’ bare feet, Flinstone-style?

Do you ever see a homeless person (usually almost hit by the car above) crossing Fairfax blvd with all his belongings crammed so tightly into a plastic Target shopping bag that has stretched SO gossamer thin that the contents are completely visible, (pressing against their plastic womb desperate to get out) and wonder how the thing has not burst yet?

Do you ever stare at someone so intently (usually at one of the above) that when they turn and catch you, you don’t even care because you just can’t look away?


Do you ever purchase one of those premade salads from Trader Joes that’s packed SO tightly, you have zero chance of applying the dressing evenly without spilling half of the contents on the nasty counter top in the kitchen at work and all your fellow employees are staring at you and wondering why you chose to eat some nasty, wilted salad 3 days past it’s ‘Sell By’ date?

Spagarita! A Margarita with lemon and cucumber

Spagarita! A Margarita with lemon and cucumber