I'm just shopping and clearly don't want to be bothered.

I'm just shopping and clearly don't want to be bothered.

It seems like I’ve been going to a lot of chain restaurants lately (Palomino, Houston’s) but if the food’s good, there ain’t nothing I can do about it.

The food at Houston’s is excellent.

The patrons?

Self important entertainment industry PRICKS IN SUITS taking up all the table space.

As we were being seated, I was asked to remove my hat.

I tossed it to the ground in defiance.

It was a $7 cap from H&M. The waitstaff were all a tremble.

I had been told by Papa Z that the ribs here were legendary.

If you see them at the bottom of this post, you will see my dark, sub par picture….looks like a big beefy Cheshire cat grin!

Or a baby Alien from the movie…Alien.

I never had to even touch them, my fingers never got to feel the slimy, barbeque goodness or pick any gristle from my teeth. I think my fingers were mildly upset. But like usual, they kept quiet.

For dessert, we ordered this bowl of heavenly apple goodness. SO GOOD!


After lunch we spotted a friendly sprite (or wood nymph) casually shopping. As they tend to do. We continued on our way.

In other news, our office just had a fire drill a second ago. The entire building was evacuated.

People get very excited for fire drills. Their worlds have just apparently been rocked.

The noise level of their pointless chatter increases dramatically.

Young, nubile accountants chuckle at inane comments made my old, lecherous lawyers.

Wizened secretaries complain they wore the wrong shoes that day.

Honestly, who the hell won’t remember that, when flames are chasing you, the best idea might be to head down the stairs and out of the building?

Apparently, a few bad apples tried waiting on the roof for the rescue helicopter that, tragically, never came.