Toothless smile   (INDIA)

Well If I continue to eat like I do, my dental status will be not unlike the woman to my left!

Folks, I’m off to India tomorrow.

Home Invaders take note. When it comes to my possessions, you will actually LOSE money if you attempt a heist at my residence.

So, I’ve travelled to five continents but for some reason coming to India makes me nervous.

Makes my stomach nervous, that is.

I seem to have disasterous luck travelling in general, but my stomach usually feels the majority of the impact.

Also, I’ve not ever been to such a poverty stricken country before.

I’ll either come back spiritually enhanced or extra jaded and cynical.

Either way, I’m sure to stink of incense and hopefully be half my current size.

Wish me luck.

Will post the tales of my travels upon my return….

Love and Sloppy Kisses,