Bryan Birthday Dinner from Kaisha 2010 006

I hate Joan Ginther.

This woman with a stupid name just won a multi-million dollar lottery.

For the 4th time!!!

(with a friggin’ scratch ticket!!)

That’s just not right.

I don’t believe in the lottery, I think it’s obnoxious.

I think it’s worse than Miley Cyrus’s gummy smile.

I don’t believe in getting ones’ hopes up that high.

No one with teeth and a desire to own outside of a trailer park ever wins.

Yes, I’m jealous.

Jealous that Joan Stupidface will get to add a wing to her tacky, faux finish Vegas crack den and procure a few dozen more mangy cats to poop in all the corners.

This is why I LOVE to watch programs such as “Curse of the Lottery!”

Please don’t tell Joan that she owes any taxes.


so I need to pay homage to my friend Nancy.

She cooked this delicious meal for me for my birthday and I wanted to showcase it.

Nancy is a hoot. She’s a little wild.

Once, she invited me to a Mexican restaurant in the Valley and said I could come early because she was enjoying cocktails in her car.

She made me a fantastic Rosemary Pork Tenderloin

Bryan Birthday Dinner from Kaisha 2010 002

and heavenly Mac and Cheese!

Bryan Birthday Dinner from Kaisha 2010 004

That is my random post for today. Stay tuned for my wine soaked adventures in Paso Robles this past weekend!