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Work friends belong in their own category.

Sure, you see them all day long and you talk about almost everything. But unless you hang out outside of work, you drop them like a bad habit when one of you quits.

I always squirm when an ex employee I sort of knew comes back to the office to make the rounds. It’s worse when I really knew the person.

Then, I’m expected to say hi, give a handshake or even a pathetic hug.

And promise that we’ll have lunch sometime.

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Why are you back?? Does no one like you at your current job?

Did you love it here that much?

Did you forget something scandalous in the bottom drawer of your old desk and you want to see if there was any fallout from its discovery?

Another common occurrence is bringing round the baby.

The woman who’s been on maternity leave so long you’ve forgotten her name, strolls down the halls, showing off her wares.

All you hear is ooh’s and ahh’s.

I usually shut my office door.

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Well, I’m not that bad. I do a drive by, see if the baby is cute, see if there’s an opening for me to get in there and do my googly-eyed baby stare and THEN shut my office door.

When I leave a job, I don’t look back.

I had an amazing three years at Pretzel Time. And sure, shortly after, I walked by and said hi to the new manager who was a friend, with the hopes of getting a freebie.

But could I imagine strolling in there, reliving my glory days?


I have the 8 hours of videotape I can watch when I’m feeling nostalgic.

Don’t ask.


Really fun wine/beer bar, went to a really fun birthday party here. Good aps, nice people.

1050 S Flower St.
# 167
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 747-1100