Korean BBQ 001

I have somewhat of a history with Mr. Neil Diamond.

Somewhat tawdry, mostly dull.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that Senor Diamond feels I have an unnatural obsession with him.

It all started when I was at the urinal at my work, peeing, as one does there.

Standing next to me was a stern, older gentleman dressed in all black, doing the same. As we both went to wash up, I realized who he was. As I looked up at him, I stared into very large, angry eyes and quickly scooted away, hands improperly dried.

From then on I seemed to find Mr. D in there a lot.

One time, I remember desperately trying to pee while he and a friend chatted VERY loudly behind me. Not a drop came out. God knows what they thought of the guy silently standing at the urinal listening to every word they said.

Finally, I just left the bathroom, not even washing my hands. Too humiliated.

This morning, I have a question only Mary Maryson knows the answer to.

For some reason, I edge out of my office, straining to see if Mary is in her office.

Straining, almost tipping over, my eyes pass all the offices, including our big conference room where I see a man with large angry eyes, staring at me, directly in my eye shot.


Korean BBQ 003

Looking pissed.

I dart back in my office.

Crap. Now he thinks I was straining to get a good look at my idol or something!

Is there any way to rectify this?

Hmm, I wonder if he said anything about me?

“Bob, you seem to have a peeping Tom in your midst” – Neil

“What do you mean?” – Bob

“Well, some pervert manages to sneak in the restroom every time I’m there, trying to get a look at my junk and now I find him peeking in at me this morning! Working for the Enquirer, no doubt.”

“Neil, I’ll be sure to fire him as soon as we’re done here. It’s probably Bun Boy and we’ve been having issues since he told Sheena Easton’s manager he hopes Sheena isn’t treating her like shit anymore!”

Korean BBQ 002


We ordered the bimbimbop (top) the Korean Hash Browns (above) and several items to bbq ourselves, including Galbi, Chicken and Veggies and Tofu. Upscale place, not cheap. Good stuff.

9540 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 838-3131