On my way to the bank this morning, I walked by a bush, grabbed a few leaves and thought quietly to myself: “If I get at least three whole leaves, I’m gonna be rich soon.”

Looking at my hand, I see two partial leaves. Damn! I let the remnants fly from my grasp just as I knew my future riches had disappeared as well.

I make lots of stupid wishes throughout the day via the strangest rituals.

Besides making a wish every time the clock strikes 11:11, I also make a wish right before driving through a traffic light about to change. If it stays green, the wish will come true.

If it turns yellow as I pass under it, my life is utterly doomed.

I have no clue why I do this, I’m 85% rational. I don’t know why I fall prey to the other side of me, the other side that rushes to my online horoscope to logically find out what really is the deal with my love life.

My mother has force fed me my horoscope, my entire life.

“Oh, I don’t believe that stuff at all. But this says big changes are coming this year…”

For Christmas, my mother took my sister and I to an elderly psychic. We had our tarot cards read and had our aura photographs taken.

Christmas 2007 - Seattle 012

What every child dreams of Christmas Eve. But it was so much fun!

When I was given my own set of tarot cards one Christmas, I became the hit of every party. Taking out my Egyptian themed magical muses and telling a bunch of drunk people things I already knew about them.

“You’re afraid to open up to people” to the shy girl or “I see you clutching a toilet bowl very soon.”

When I was young and my feet were firmly planted in the supernatural world, I read that crows symbolize death.


I can’t look at them know and think anything else. I guess it makes sense, I see crows everywhere and death is everywhere.

The week before a good friend died of cancer, I was greeted by crows every day before my morning jog.

It was eerie. I actually forgot that silly superstition until my friend died a few days later.

I’m a sensibly cynical person. Why do I hold on to these ridiculous rites?

Perhaps, it’s because I believe it’s dangerous to remove all the mystery from life. I think the unexplained and the secrets hiding in the cracks are the “11 secret herbs and spices” to life.

Without them, our life would be the equivalent of feasting on a Cup of Noodles without the salty flavor packet!