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I get bored easily.

I’m not known to be a consistent finisher of things, I usually loose interest halfway through.

As a child, I was never one to get to the 100th level of a video game. I couldn’t be bothered, not when I desperately needed to trick my sister into walking through cat vomit or throw bits of paper in my mom’s hair.

So has it been with this blog.

I’m bored with the format.

I’ve been doing this for about a year now. I’ve noticed that my descriptions of restaurants are beginning to overlap.

Disgusting, revolting, amazing and incredible. I’ve used these adjectives far too many times. Moratorium! No more.

I’m going to mix it up here folks.

I will still be taking a picture of my meals out, if the pics don’t turn out like crap. But I’m done with describing the restaurants if everything turned out peachy.

I will only blog if there’s something funny to say about my life or if I can rip the restaurant to shreds, the experience was so horrendous.

If the food and service were great, my silence will speak volumes. People don’t want to hear praise, they want to hear awful, scandalous tales.

And I shall not disappoint.

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